Nina Jerome

Maine Painter

Artist Statement

Kayak and Island

I paint to capture moments when land and light interact. I begin by painting underlying color on canvas and mark the surface with gestural strokes. Each mark directs the process, as I gradually align the work with the concept that prompted it.

In painting landscape I search for a sense of place. My subjects alternate between natural landscape and more densely populated built environments. Within both I look for elements of light and structure that define the unique personality of that place. While the point of view of my landscape is usually from the ground, recent work has focused on the land as seen from above. I believe that our developed environment reflects our ideas, priorities, activities, and patterns of living, and, nowhere is that more apparent than from the air. In painting aerial views I document the structure of a specific place at a certain moment in time as it reflects years of growth and layer upon layer of construction. It records my awareness of how we have designed our spaces and shifted the quality of the land away from its original natural state.

Making art requires that I observe my surroundings thoroughly. It invites comparisons between solid and fluid, light and shadow, tangible and intangible. Painting allows me to organize these personal observations with marks and color and to express the way that I personally see space.

I paint series that examine visual variations of one place, a continuum of fleeting moments in my experience. Thus the painting process marks time and conveys my personal path and direction through the land as I witness its changes.


Addison IslandBoldcoast CutlerGreat Wass Borestone SummitGreat Wass IrisAddison RiverBorestone MountainAddison Wahoa Island